TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services provides residential sewage cleanup & odor control services throughout Metro Boston / North Shore & Eastern Massachusetts areas.  We handle all types of residential sewage and odor problems and we are avialalbe 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Professional Residential Sewage Cleanup & Odor Control Services

Water contaminated with sewage, known as black water, is an environmental hazard and should be handled by professionals.  We can explain the process to get your property clean and restored.

We are here to help. If you’re experiencing a sewage backup and need clean up, we will be there to bail you out, anytime day or night. TMP Cleaning & Restoration Services specializes in sewage water extraction services. When standing sewer water needs to be cleaned up, we act fast. Timing is crucial and we will begin the sewage clean up, drying, and disinfecting process right away.

Standing sewer water needs to be extracted, call us today, a certified flood damage restoration technician will be there to provide you with a free estimate. With an onsite sewage damage assessment, it is an opportunity for you to have a trained professional survey your property and explain the sewage cleanup.

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We clean up raw sewage from basements and bathrooms and wherever it may have traveled. Our water and sewer restoration team will make sure your home is bacteria and pathogens free by cleaning and disinfected all surfaces thoroughly.  Once the sewage cleanup is completed we also offer mold remediation and odor control sanitizing. Choose TMP Cleaning & Restoration, your local certified sewage cleanup contractor that provides a 100% customer satisfaction on all services performed.

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  • Water Damage Cleaning & Restoration Services
  • Smoke & Fire Restoration Services
  • Mold Remediation
  • Structural Renovation
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Sewage Cleanup & Odor Control
  • Property Management & Disaster Planning

We are dedicated to providing cost effective and efficient managed emergency and damage restoration services while honoring our values, accomplishing our mission and achieving our goals. We work with all insurance carriers. When disaster strikes, call the professionals at TMP Cleaning & Restoration Services!  We work with all insurance carriers.

To request a sewage cleanup & odor control estimate in Massachusetts call TMP Cleaning & Restoration today at 1-877-245-3939!

TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services is fantastic in a crisis, which is when you need them. I experienced a cat-tastrophe when my little mischief makers turned on the faucet in the utility sink in the garage. Much flooding in garage and attached room, fully finished and furnished. And on a Sunday no less. Nando responded immediately and Sue kept me informed of his ETA. Arrived shortly and took care of everything including drying out walls. Process took 3-4 days and worked great. Please give TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services your business. I think you’ll be very pleased.

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