open-quote TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services team was quick to respond and had the best price. They are professional, always on time, and such great people to be around and count on. They did everything they said and even more. Didn’t try to charge for more or take advantage of us. I will recommend these guys to anyone in crisis. Stop looking around. Go with TMP Cleaning!closing-quote

open-quote I filled out the online form and within minutes got a phone call back from TMP [Cleaning and Restoration Services]. They gave me some good tips. I got a professional team and I was happy with the care I received. They certainly know what they’re doing and provide excellent service to the customer. closing-quote

open-quoteWhat a great experience and relief! Nando from TMP [Cleaning and Restoration Services] was so incredibly helpful and thoughtful to help prevent further damage from a large water leak disaster I caused. He showed up ASAP after the incident, assessed the extent of the potential for damage and immediately set into action with a plan to get my house dry as quickly as possible. Nando was extremely vigilant with frequent trips to monitor the wet areas, and he took every precaution to ensure my home was back to normal as quickly as possible.  TMP [Cleaning and Restoration Services] was also very understanding of budgetary constraints. It’s very rare to find small businesses that truly care about their customers like TMP does. I strongly recommend TMP[Cleaning and Restoration Services] to anyone who has water leakage/flooding!closing-quote

open-quoteThis business [TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services] is fantastic in a crisis, which is when you need them. I experienced a cat-tastrophe when my little mischief makers turned on the faucet in the utility sink in the garage. Much flooding in garage and attached room, fully finished and furnished. And on a Sunday no less. Nando responded immediately and Sue kept me informed of his ETA. He arrived shortly and took care of everything including drying out walls. The process took 3-4 days and worked great. Please give this company [TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services]your business. I think you’ll be very pleased.closing-quote

open-quote They were extremely responsive time wise and were very sympathetic and professional at the same time. They came out to the house right when they said they would (7am) and I had just called for the first time the night before. Very nice to deal with overall. My wife and I had taken care of most of the mess ahead of time and they didn’t try any “high pressure sales” to get us to pay for things we didn’t need.

They came and did an assessment of basement flooding and showed us what needed work. They put in an industrial strength dehumidifier overnight and did not try and “sell” me services I didn’t need (e.g., air movers – they brought them but decided I didn’t need them. That speaks for honesty which you don’t see much these days!Some companies probably would’ve tried to get me to use them anyway). They sprayed for mold (to prevent it) so far, so good. closing-quote

open-quote This is a terrific company that does outstanding work!closing-quote

open-quote I hope I will never need them again but if I do TMP [Cleaning and Restoration Services] will definitely be the right company to get the work done in a professional way and in reasonable cost! They fulfilled all their commitments. Highly recommended!closing-quote

open-quoteI had a leak behind my cabinets that I didn’t know about until the hardwood around my dishwasher started to warp. I was referred to TMP [Cleaning and Restoration Services] from a friend who used them before. TMP Project Manager came out with a no-BS estimate same-day! I would recommend TMP [Cleaning and Restoration Services]to anyone that runs into the unfortunate issues and repairs that come with owning a home!closing-quote

open-quoteSue and Nando saved my garden level condo on Revere Beach. The entire condo  was flooded when I came home. If not for Nando and his crew, I’d be sunk. I couldn’t be happier with their service. Everyone there is friendly and easy to work with. Best of all, they followed through on everything they promised. They made my life a lot less hectic and handled everything with the insurance. Now I’m all put back together and it’s like nothing ever happened. Thanks to TMP Cleaning and Restoration Services! closing-quote




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